Friday, September 6, 2013

The Deal with My Year Abroad

Well, I'm just under halfway through Ulysses. Which means there's no way I'll finish it before leaving Singapore this coming Thursday, 12 September.

As I've mentioned before, I'm spending a year at the University of East Anglia to pursue an M.A. in Creative Writing (Prose). My course starts in Norwich on the 23rd; in between I'll be doing a bunch of settling in, some finishing up of articles, some preparatory writing, some reading.

But after that? Well, that's the big question. I'm going to UEA with the specific ambition of training myself to become a more rigorous, disciplined writer, which means fewer distractions. Which means that I'm not sure how much time I should allow myself to nance about with random artefacts of world literature. Which means that this blog might become even less regularly updated than it already is.

It's odd, the thought of abandoning this project, even temporarily. It's become one of the few constants in my life over the past few years. And it might not happen.

Just giving everyone a heads up, just in case.

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