The Big List of Books!

I'm going to amend this page regularly to reflect the books I'm reading on this journey. Here's also a really tiny world map so you can see the route I'm taking visually.

View Around the World in 80 Books!!! in a larger map

 And here's a series a series of larger world maps so you can follow us region by region.

View Around the World in 80 Books in a larger map

Southeast Asia 1
1. Singapore – Haresh Sharma’s Trilogy
2. Indonesia – Ayu Utami’s Saman
3. East Timor – Naldo Rei’s Resistance

Oceania 1
4. Australia – Dorothy Porter’s The Monkey’s Mask
5. Papua New Guinea – Two Plays from New Guinea: Cry of the Cassowary by John Wills Kaniku and by Turuk Wabei
6. Solomon Islands – Jack London’s Jerry of the Islands
7. Vanuatu – James A Michener’s Tales of the South Pacific
8. Fiji – Sudesh Mishra’s Diaspora and the difficult art of dying
9. New Zealand – Janet Frame’s Owls Do Cry
10. Tonga – Konai Helu Thaman’s Hingano
11. Samoa – Albert Wendt’s Leaves of the Banyan Tree
12. American Samoa – Ze Lin Xiao’s Tutuila
13. Cook Islands – Kauraka Kauraka’s Return to Haivaki
14. French Polynesia – Célestine Hitiura Vaite’s Frangipani

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South America 1
15. Chile – Pablo Neruda’s Fulgor y muerte de Joaquîn Murieta
16. Peru – Mario Vargas Llosa’s The Time of the Hero
17. Ecuador – Luis Sepúlveda’s The Old Man Who Read Love Stories
18. Colombia – Laura Restrepo’s Delirium

Central America
19. Panama – John le Carré's The Tailor of Panama
20. Costa Rica – Miguel Benavides’ The Children of Mariplata
21. Nicaragua – Ruben Darío's Azul
22. Honduras – Paul Theroux's The Mosquito Coast
23. El Salvador – Joan Didion's Salvador
24. Guatemala – Miguel Ángel Asturias's Men of Maize
25. Belize – Zee Edgell's Beka Lamb
26. Mexico – Octavio Paz's El laberinto de la soledad

The Caribbean 1
27. Cuba – Carlos Eire's Waiting for Snow in Havana
28. Jamaica  – Trevor Rhone's Two Can Play and School's Out
29. Haiti  – Dany Laferrière's Heading South
30. Dominican Republic – Julia Alvarez's How the García Girls Lost Their Accents
31. Aruba – Daniel Putkowski's An Island Away
32. Curaçao – Valerie O. Patterson's The Other Side of Blue
33. Puerto Rico – Luis Rafael Sánchez's Macho Camacho's Beat
34. British Virgin Islands – Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island

North America 1
35. Bermuda – Mary Prince's The History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave

The Caribbean 2
36. Anguilla – Melinda and Robert Blanchard's A Trip to the Beach
37. St Maarten – W. R. Groman's Oasis of the Sea: Sint Maarten Sonnets
38. US Virgin Islands – Jean Heyn's The Governor-General's Lady
39. St Kitts and Nevis – Caryl Phillips's Cambridge
40. Antigua and Barbuda – Jamaica Kincaid's Mr Potter
41. Montserrat – E. A. Markham's The Three Suitors of Fred Belair
42. Guadeloupe – Maryse Condé's Who Slashed Celanire's Throat?
43. Dominica – Jean Rhys's Sleep It Off, Lady
44. Martinique – Frantz Fanon's Black Skin, White Masks
45. St Lucia – Derek Walcott's Omeros
46. Barbados – Edward Kamau Brathwaite's The Arrivants: A New World Trilogy
47. Grenada – Jacob Ross's Pynter Bender
48. Trinidad and Tobago – V.S. Naipaul's A House for Mr Biswas

South America 2
49. Venezuela – Rómulo Gallegos’s Doña Bárbara
50. Guyana – John Agard's Lovelines for a Goat-Born Lady
51. Suriname – Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko
52. French Guiana – Léon-Gontran Damas’s Pigments – Névralgies
53. Brazil – João Guimarães Rosa's The Devil to Pay in the Backlands
54. Bolivia – Edmundo Paz Soldán's The Matter of Desire
55. Paraguay – Nestor Amarilla's Saved by a Poem
56. Uruguay – José Enrique Rodó's Ariel
57. Argentina – Silvina Ocampo's Autobiografía de Irene

View Around the World in 80 Books in a larger map

58. Antarctica – H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness

View Around the World in 80 Books!!! in a larger map

Southern Africa
59. Swaziland – James Hall's Sangoma: My Odyssey into the Spirit World of Africa
60. South Africa – Nadine Gordimer's Burger's Daughter
61. Lesotho – Thomas Mofolo's Traveller to the East
62. Namibia – Neshani Andreas's The Purple Violet of Oshaantu
63. Botswana – Bessie Head's When Rain Clouds Gather

East Africa
64. Zimbabwe – Nozipo Maraire's Zenzele: A Letter For My Daughter
65. Zambia – Richard Sampson's With Sword and Chain in Lusaka: A Londoner's Life in Zambia 1958-1972
66. Malawi – Jack Mapanje's Of Chameleons and Gods
67. Mozambique – Mia Couto's The Last Flight of the Flamingo
68. Comoros – Soeuf Elbadawi's Moroni Blues: Une rêverie à quatre
69. Madagascar – Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo's 24 Poems
70. Réunion – Michael Steane's The Last Colony: An Experience of Reunion Island
71. Mauritius – J.M.G. Le Clézio's The Prospector
72. Seychelles – James Mancham's Seychelles Global Citizen
73. Tanzania – Abdulrazak Gurnah's Paradise
74. Burundi – Tracy Kidder's Strength in What Remains
75. Rwanda – Paul Rusesabagina's An Ordinary Man
76. Uganda – Okot p'Bitek's Song of Lawino & Song of Ocol
77. Kenya – Ngũgĩ wa'Thiongo's Devil on the Cross
78. Somalia – Nuruddin Farah's Maps
79. Ethiopia – Maaza Mengiste's Beneath the Lion's Gaze
80. Eritrea – Hannah Pool's My Fathers' Daughter
81. Djibouti – Abdourahman A. Waberi's In the United States of Africa

West Asia
82. Yemen – Nujood Ali's I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced
83. Oman – Christiane Bird's The Sultan's Shadow
84. Saudi Arabia – The Quran
85. United Arab Emirates – Maha Gargash's The Sand Fish
86. Qatar – Hugh Miles's Al-Jazeera: The Inside Story of the Arab News Channel That Is Challenging the West
87. Bahrain – Marhamah Hasan Marhamah's Voices: An Annotated Anthology of Contemporary Bahraini Poetry
88. Kuwait – Danderma's The Chronicles of Dathra, a Dowdy Girl from Kuwait, Vol I
89. Iraq – Princess, Priestess, Poet : The Sumerian Temple Hymns of Enheduanna

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South Asia
90. Iran – Al-Ghazali's Deliverance from Error and The Beginning of Guidance
91. Afghanistan – Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner
92. Pakistan – Mohammed Hanif's A Case of Exploding Mangoes
93. Kashmir – Agha Shahid Ali's The Country Without a Post Office
94. Tibet – The Tibetan Book of the Dead
95. Bhutan – Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck's Treasures of the Thunder Dragon: A Portrait of Bhutan
96. Nepal – Lil Bahadur Chettri’s Mountains Painted with Turmeric
97. Bangladesh – Rabindranath Tagore's Selected Short Stories 
98. India – Theater of Memory: The Plays of Kalidasa
99. Maldives – Royston Ellis's A Hero in Time
100. Sri Lanka – Shehan Karunatilaka's The Legend of Pradeep Mathew

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Southeast Asia 2
101. Myanmar – Aung San Suu Kyi's Letters from Burma
102. Thailand – Sunthorn Phu's The Story of Phra Abhai Mani
103. Malaysia – The Epic of Hang Tuah
104. Brunei – Modern ASEAN Plays: Brunei Darussalam
105. The Philippines – José Rizal's Noli Me Tangere

East Asia 1
106. Macau – Henrique de Senna Fernandes's The Bewitching Braid
107. Hong Kong – Xu Xi's The Unwalled City
108. Taiwan – Chu T'ien-wen's Notes of a Desolate Man
109. South Korea – Kung-Sook Shin's Please Look After Mom
110. North Korea – Barbara Demick's Nothing to Envy
111. Japan – Sei Shonagon's The Pillow Book

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Oceania 2
112. Northern Mariana Islands – Chun Yu Wang's Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin
113. Guam – Tanya Chargualaf Taimanglo's Attitude 13
114. Palau – Hiroshi Funasaka's Falling Blossoms
115. Micronesia – Oliver Sacks's The Island of the Colorblind
116. Marshall Islands – Jonathan M. Weisgall's Operation Crossroads: the Atomic Tests at Bikini Atoll
117. Nauru – Carl N. McDaniel and John M. Gowdy's Paradise for Sale: A Parable of Nature
118. Tuvalu – Tony Wheeler's Time & Tide: The Islands of Tuvalu
119. New Caledonia – James McNeish's Penelope's Island
120. Wallis and Futuna Islands – Futuna: Mo Ona Puleaga Sau, Aux Deux Royaumes, the Two Kingdoms eds. Elise Huffer and Petelo Leleivai
121. Tokelau – Ingjerd Hoem's A Way With Words
122. Niue – Basil Thomson's Savage Island; a Sojourn in Niué and Tonga
123. Kiribati – Arthur Grimble's A Pattern of Islands

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The Caribbean 3
124. Cayman Islands – John Grisham's The Firm
125. Turks and Caicos Islands – Ron-Luc Nickell's Food Plane Soup
126. Bahamas – Wendy Coakley-Thompson's Triptych

North America 2
127. United States – Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man
128. Canada – Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assassin
129. St. Pierre and Miquelon – J.P. Andrieux's Rumrunners: The Smugglers from St. Pierre and Miquelon and the Burin Peninsula from Prohibition to Present Day, from St. Pierre and Miquelon
130. Greenland – The Vinland Sagas

South America 2
131. Falkland Islands – Carlos Gamerro's The Islands

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Northern Europe
132. Iceland – Halldór Laxness's Independent People
133. Ireland – James Joyce's Ulysses
134. Isle of Man – Hall Caine's The Manxman
135. Guernsey – Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows's The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
136. Jersey – Gerald Durrell's Menagerie Manor
137. England – William Shakespeare's Henry IV (Parts I and II)
138. Wales – The Mabinogion
139. Northern Ireland – Seamus Heaney's Death of a Naturalist
140. Scotland – Walter Scott's Waverley
141. Denmark – Isak Dinesen's Anecdotes of Destiny 
142. Faroe Islands – William Heinesen's The Kingdom of the Earth
143. Norway – Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabbler
144. Sweden – August Strindberg's Miss Julie and Other Plays
145. Åland – Sally Salminen's Katrina
146. Finland – Elias Lönnrot's Kalevala
147. Estonia – Mati Unt's Things in the Night
148. Latvia – Aleksandrs Čaks's Selected Poems
149. Lithuania – Czesław Miłosz's Beginning with My Streets: Essays and Recollections

Western Europe
150. Germany – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's The Sorrows of Young Werther
151. Netherlands – Harry Mulisch's  The Discovery of Heaven
152. Belgium – Amélie Nothomb's Hygiene and the Assassin
153. Luxembourg – Anise Koltz's At the Edge of Night
154. France – Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time: Vol I: Swann's Way
155. Monaco – Graham Greene's Loser Takes All
156. Switzerland – Johanna Spyri's Heidi
157. Liechtenstein – David Beattie's Liechtenstein: A Modern History
158. Austria – Elfriede Jelinek's The Piano Teacher

Eastern Europe
159. Hungary — Imre Kertész's Fatelessness
160. Slovakia — Peter Pišt'anek's Rivers of Babylon
161. Czech Republic — Karel Čapek's Rossum's Universal Robots
162. Poland — Zbigniew Herbert's Collected Poems: 1956-1998
163. Belarus — Uladizimir Karatkevich's King Stakh's Wild Hunt
164. Russia — Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace
165. Chechnya — German Sadulaev's I Am a Chechen!
166. Ukraine — The Collected Tales of Nikolai Gogol
167. Moldova — Silvia Brinzeanu's Bessarabian Nights
168. Transnistria — Nicolai Lilin's Siberian Education
169. Romania — Herta Müller's The Land of Green Plums
170. Bulgaria — Georgi Gospodinov's The Physics of Sorrow

Southern Europe
171. Greece — Hesiod's Theogony & Works and Days
172. Albania — Ismail Kadare's The General of the Dead Army

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