Monday, September 10, 2012

Singapore (and Malaysian) Comix!!!

So I spent last-last weekend at the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention. Awesome fun, even if you're not an otaku. You could spend hours just checking out the hordes of cosplayers.

Only dared to ask one for a photo. She plays Jaafar, an assassin. She had daggers hidden in her sleeves! (And yes, I'm wearing cat ears. I had to blend in, somehow.)

But regarding books! I ended up spending some of my hard-earned money on some local/regional comics, which I've already finished:

It's all good stuff: Sir Fong's Adventures Vol. 4 by Otto Fong (zany sci fi adventures with actual science lessons embedded in them), When I Was a Kid by Boey Chee Ming (quirky Malaysian memoir of growing up in Johor) and Loti Vol. 1 by Troy Chin (a chronicle of a Singaporean kid's year in Primary 2).

I was hoping to spend even more, after my friend Mayo Martin advertised the release of the following graphic texts by Epigram:

But alas, it turned out these were just previews - just a few pages long, given out for free to tempt folks into buying the real thing. Which I'm gonna.

The books are:

Ten Sticks and One Rice by Koh Hong Teng and Oh Yong Hwee
The Girl Under the Bed by Dave Chua and Xiao Yan
Scenegapore by Prudencio Miel

By the way, I ended up giving my cat ears to a little girl at a Hari Raya party I went to that night.

I mean, look at how well it goes with that dress. She's pimpin' it, homies.  Awesome.

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