Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year! On #sgreads

It's a New Year! I suppose I should be making up new resolutions about how I'm going to save money, write in a more disciplined way, and generally be more focussed about achieving my long-term goals.

But I think I'll just begin a habit of tweeting every new book I finish instead. Here's my first for the year:

I'm not a big user of Twitter, but I have been using the app to publicise my (sadly rare) sightings of people reading books on Singaporean public transport.

It's a trend started by the Straits Times journalist Corrie Tan aka @corrietan, and every tweet is hashtagged #sgreads. 

If you wanna join in, please, be my guest - I hardly ever take any MRT line but the East-West one, and my pickings have been decidedly slim.

(No idea why more people don't read on the bus. Do you?)

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