Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Text in the City: Boogie

Guess what? I'm in Europe again! Travelling with my family. And since I'm organising this trip, I haven't had all that much time to read on Kertész on my Kindle.

So I'm just taking this opportunity to mention that I'm a featured poet in the Arts House's Text in the City project:

Text in the City is a nation-wide campaign to boost the awareness and appreciation of Singapore poetry among Singaporeans.

Featuring more than 100 poems by some of Singapore’s most well-loved and emerging poets about various places in the country, the Text In The City mobile app invites users to uncover the stories and secrets surrounding the places, some of which have vanished from the Singapore landscape.

Many poems of places in Singapore, past and present, are yet unwritten. Be part of the movement to contribute to Singapore’s literary legacy and contribute your poem today.

My poem's about Bugis Street.

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