Saturday, September 13, 2014

Starry Island/Singapore Writers Festival 2014

I haven't even been to the library to pick out my Liechtenstein book yet, so I'm just going to use this space to advertise two things:

1) I've got a story in Starry Island: New Writing from Singapore, an imprint of the University of Hawaii Asia-Pacific literary journal Manoa. My contribution is a tale called Lion City, which may be one of my best.

2) I'm gonna be a featured writer in the Singapore Writers Festival 2014. I feel weird about this because a number of my friends are boycotting the event, since it's co-organised by the National Library Board (of recent book-pulping fame).

What's even more absurd is that I'm in very few events - one 7pm panel discussion on 1 November called All Art Is Quite Useless (hasn't that been discussed to the death already?) and the book launch of Loud Mouth Volume 1 on 3 November at 8:30pm. I've been in more events during years when I wasn't a featured writer!

Of course, as promised, at my events I shall rail against the establishment for censorship. Hopefully, everyone else will too.

PS. The Royal House of Monaco is still MIA. I think I'll have to pay the bloody fine. Zut alors.

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