Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Further IndigNation events!

I'm in Singapore now! And since I haven't picked up my Monaco book from NLB, so I'm gonna promote a few more literary events at IndigNation!

For starters, this Sunday we're having a queer feminist performance poetry event!

Mass Hysteria: Relapsed
Sunday August 24
3pm and 7pm
The Arts House, Play Den

Attention: Health Notice

Mass Hysteria has spread beyond detention and secondary school graduation. There are no expiry dates, no LUGs, but some spectres continue to haunt.

Shrugging off uniforms and habits, the queerdos set their sights on the world outside, to re-act and negotiate the hysterical and the historical, great tropes and expectations, memory and homophobic violence, nightmarish dyke drama and the life cycles of lezbo love.

Come quantify the insanity. Come queer the jealousy. Just come.

Featuring words and performances by:
Ad Maulod, Germaine Yeo, Mrylyn Tn, Rak Shakalaka, Sage Lee,Stephanie Dogfoot, Vanessa Victoria and music by: Illi Syaznie

AMOK Collective and Sayoni

Also, our closing event: A Minor ContraDiction!

A Minor ContraDiction:  Indignation SG 2014 Closing Night
Saturday August 30

The Reading Room

To bring Indignation to a close, take a peek into the future of Singapore’s queer literary community as present you with a night of readings and performances by some of Singapore’s most dynamic emerging LGBTQ voices. Raw. funny, honest, angry and hopeful, these young writers will show you what it means and how it feels to grow up queer in 21st century Singapore.

Ng Yi-Sheng, Stephanie Dogfoot, Vanessa Victoria, Eugene Tan

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