Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sunday book market at Daryaganj!

Not even 3/4 of the way through the Quran, 'cos I'm rushing deadlines (and anyway my iBooks is acting funny now I'm back in Singapore).

So I'll fill this post with images of the lovely Sunday second-hand book market in New Delhi, in the district of Daryaganj, just outside the Jamaa Masjid. Mostly classics and textbooks, as you can see...

But there's some cool stuff hidden in there.

...even an entire section devoted to erotic literature!

Most of this cost from 50 cents to S$4. Only trouble was limiting myself, reminding myself that I had to cart all this shit back home.

They might say print publishing is dying, but its fruits will be with us in Asia for some time to come. Yay for paperbacks!

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JoV said...

You are reading the Quran? Well done you. Those books covers are so colourful. Bright and sunny, like the clothes that Indian wear. I'll pack those books up and send them home by carton if I'm there. Thanks for sharing.