Monday, July 25, 2011

Library Book Sale!!

I'm only two-thirds through The Prospector - not because it's long or dull, but because I've been busy rehearsing for and performing in our theatre-live poetry-dance-multimedia production, The City Limits.

So, to keep you amused, I'll show off my stash from this weekend's National Library Book Sale:

Ain't they purty? And all of them cost $2 each, beat that.

Top row: Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast, Victor Pelevin's Omon Ra, Paul Jordan's The Atlantis Syndrome.
Middle row: Ben Tal-Shahar's Happier, Octavio Paz's The Labyrinth of Solitude (English edition!!!), J Minter's Take It Off.
Bottom row: Jim Crace's Being Dead, A Samad Said's Ballad of the Lost Map, DGE Hall's A History of Southeast Asia.

No way I'll finish them anytime soon; some of them never (the History of Southeast Asia was published in 1981, and it seems useful only as an occasional reference tome; worth the small change.)

But honestly, the sale is a great source of texts - it's where I got my Zimbabwe book from, fr'instance.

In other news, I'm concurrently reading Stephen King's On Writing:

And Catherine Lim's Miss Seetoh in the World.

Bibliopalooza! Will update again shortly.

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Readymade said...

DGE Hall! I had to study that book in JC.